Sunday, August 5, 2012

Half-Lived LIFE


Life is half lived to learn
that I lived is not the life

Many a days I felt alone
the fear I had in troubles
now I learned to like myself
I am brave for the day.

feared failure I left those
bright options at hand
I am happy with self
that is too short then

I left no critic with options
perfection is life I learned
rejection of habits to be clean
that is the way to live long

now I learn live long is no fun
live along is the way of joy
have faith in self to burn
not to smoke burning in

’no pain no gain’  said the saying
‘truth will prevail’ caught me hard
I see the ugliness in truth
lost the beauty in fear
left in pain to gain more
see the end yet to begin

call it destiny that made
a fear to change or challenge
ignorance of my trueness
gave me grave pain within

love is untrue said my brain
learned it late through heart
making my darkness fade
sunny day blossomed late

learned serious for perfection
fearing failure of ridicule
lost my face the laughing charm
grown old at young itself
future gazed at me to smile
gained wisdom this day
that made be to smile in self
I hurt me not any long
I see no dark only the star
glaze in the sky just for me

sunlight as truth was after a dark
change is beautiful for me too
Butterfly had the larva stage
Metamorphosis makes it to fly
fly live too short said the brain
struggled heart sees no beauty

‘change is one with no change’
saying goes to say cheer no long
this bright day will close to set
I will soon be in the old doom

Life is half lived to learn
that I don’t know how to live

Dr T P Sasikumar
New Delhi