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Anusha's View on LIFE of LOVE

Durga Anusha Chachu ur poems have a deep meaning in them... One thing which i can understand after reading ur poems is....these poems were nothing but ur own experinces of life...which could solve the questions which arise in the minds of many.... Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experiences of urs...

Anita Aravind anusha,u inspired me to read this book thats been on my daughters table fr so long...........i read life made simple but not this bk......thanx dear fr u r infectious enthusiasm..............

Durga Anusha i am glad that u have started reading it mam...i am sure u will enjoy reading every poem...

Durga Anusha really a wonderful experience i have got by reading ur poems chachu....which taught me how to go on with Life....and which also solved most of the questions which i had in my mind...

Today i was reading ur poems with heart....and hence i have drawn my views on them.... just check them as i wanted to know whether i have understood them or not.....

1. The Race for Birth :

The poet wants us to adopt a positive attitude towards life by giving an example of the Race that we have won over our unborn brothers and sisters in our mother's womb. The poet wants to say if you are won the race of birth, u can also win in your LIFE. Whatever be the odds " Chale Chalo...Chale Chalo...."

2. From Philos to Agape :

The poet wants to say that until in your teens, you are very happy and enjoy life since you are unaware of the responsibilities that are going to hit you. The poet wants you to prepare for the future and not to go down when you face responsibilities and hardships in your life and continue to be positive till you reach your goals i.e., stars..

3. I Need Someone :

The poet in his poetic manner has explained the importance of a companion in Life who should be there always through Thick and Thin....

4. The Secret of the Self :

The poet in his very few words had talked about magnanimous topics viz., LIFE, MIND and GOD. All the three are embodied in his body and he has to balance all the three and journey through his Life. The balance of the trio will ultimately give you happiness or sorrow...

5. Self Love - True Love :

The poet reminds me of a song which we used to reside everyday in the school assembly, which very specifically tells us that we should keep 'SELF' above everything else. It also warns us that in becoming self we should not become an egoist. In other words it tells us to have high self-respect and Love inorder to achieve in Life.

6. The Undivided Earth :

It reminds me of a Hollywood movie 'Lone Surviver', where he roams around everywhere on the surface of the earth and finds animals all over and whom he be friends. The Tigers, the Lions, the Elephants, the Mice, the Ants all come out freely and are roaming on the surface of the earth, which he encounters at every step. He enters the bank and finds loads and loads of money lying around which is of no use to him anymore because the world has become a free place,free from the clutches of human, free from devilish human intellect, which according to the poem is a better world as compared to the one in which we live now. Therefore, the poet emphasizes a human birth with More Heart and Less Brain.

These are the learnings which i have learnt by reading your was really a thrilling experience which has given me an inspiration to go on with with life....

7. Writing the Scripts for Others :

The poet very wisely observes that people most of the time are busy discussing about others and forget about themselves. If only they could spare a little time in thinking about themselves and how they should proceed in Life, would make this world a better place to live in...

8. Designer and Architect :

'The Beggar' is but a very common sight in our country. The poet emphasizes that if we give a small thought and consider how these people are driven to description that they have no choice but to beg. The poet very aptly compares the limited choices that everybody has in his or her lives and drives home the message that we are the one who are responsible for the other person begging and we are the one's who should undertake to resolve this desparity in the society.

9. Marriage and Mis- Marriage :

The poet has highlighted another glaring aspect of the society in his poem, 'The oppressed woman'. The total poem is aptly described in these two lines "Carrying before marriage is a problem, and not carrying after the marriage is again a problem". The owness always falls on the woman and she is to be blamed for everything that goes wrong in the family. This speaks volumes of the society where woman is worshipped as the Goddess.

10. Open Heart Surgery :

The secrets of the Life are the most cherished moments of one's Life. He or she would never like to disclose or share those secrets with anyone because these are the one's which give the person strengths and inspiration to move on. These secrets would tell one to avoid previous mistakes and to enjoy the good moments by recalling them. Hence, the poet very aptly says that he would rather die than disclosing his secrets which is his only credit in the ' Balance Sheet of his Life'.

11. Arrow From the Shadow :

Elders say that whatever you sow in this janma, it will reap in the next janma. But the poet narrows down the janma to day-to-day activities and describes that whatever you do today, you will experience the result tomorrow or the next day. The poet gives a very good analysis on day-to-day basis of one's Life. A person can based on his daily activities rectify his mistakes and should not commit them the next day, so that his next to next day becomes fruitful for him...

These are my learnings after reading ur poems.... I really loved the poem Half Lived Life...which was very close to my heart...

12.Mission to Moon And Mars :

The poet is talking about not a very near future wherein he imagines people travelling to space reaching Mars and Moon wherein they will have cultural exchanges, he also concludes by saying no mater where you go your ties with Mother Earth will always be strong.

13. The Mirror of Life :

Mind is the mirror of life and all the desires and aspirations are nothing but the seed of the mind. The poet says the mirror should be kept sparkling clean in order to reflect everything clearly but, at the same time he also laments that there is no polished cloth or paint available which would make that mirror shine sparklingly bright.

14. The Elixir Of Life :

According to the poet smile is one which illuminates Life of the giver and the taker. Small is one small gesture which could change the person's personality and can also send the positive vibes to the people around him/her which would make life much more exciting and happier. Smile is one gift given by God which will not cost you anything but spread happiness all around. So the poet says keep smiling and befriend those who smile back at you.

15.Half Lived Life :

The poet talks about the real purpose of Life and says that living Life of contentment and happiness doesnot serve the purpose, it doesn't give meaning to the purpose to which u have come to this world. Life should be purposeful and should have a social aspect also. Your life has gone vain if u are happy and the fellow-human beings are suffering. Hence the poet says one should strive to spend his days meaningfully and purposefully. There is no use in living Half-Lived life....

It has been a wonderful experience for me going through your poems in order to understand in and out..... I can call this as a lovely experience....and i am really enjoying reading and loving them chachu....

16. Heart Failure of The spiritual Guru :

The poet talks about the heart in the whole poem. He hsa placed heart over the mind. He says, through out your life be light-hearted, don't allow emotions and relationships to effect the heart. In the end of the poem he speaks of importance of the Heart by giving an example of the guru who through out his life has been taking other people's troubles and making them light-hearted and when he is in his death bed a nurse who was his student comes and gives him consolation by saying that "Guruji your heart-beat is normal, need not worry". Even the guru has to face the realities of Life.

17. We Became 'ONE' :

Initially when people meet and fall for eachother it is infatuation and as they mature they realise that it was infatuation and then they find a way out to be a part of each other so that they are in true love. So the poet wants the reader to realize that the love comes with maturity.

18.Better Be Blind :

As i read the poem it reminded me of the experience i had in the Inorbit Mall (Dialogue in The Dark) where i had to spend 2 hours in complete darkness without a mobile or anything groping in the dark and experiencing everrything on my own. It was a pleasant experience which gave me a peace of mind when i came out of the dark into the light. Hence it is better to be blind and be in Love than to open your eyes and be separated with each other. Hence the poet has given the heading very aptly "Better Be Blind".

19.Sabotaged Relationships :

The poet says that the person is like a uncut diamond. A diamond can only shine when it is cut and polished, the poet has compared the cutting and polishing to the adversities one faces in Life. Hence a person's personality is fully developed only when he experiences ups and downs in his life.

20. Winter's Rain :

The poet in this poem underlines the grave reality of Life. He compares the happiness one cherishes to the sunlight which comes out after a long wait from a chilly, drowsy , rainy winter. The poet emphasizes that one should not loose hope while facing an adversary because if good things are not long lasting then bad things will also not last for long. Ultimately we will see the Ray of Hope which will give u happiness that is the sunshine.

Gone through your poems and had rediscovered myself....Learnt sooo much from ur poems...But little upset because finished reading all the poems and none are left to read and rejoice...Hope that I would get a chance to read an other poetry book of urs and can satisfy my hunger of reading ur poems.... It's a wonderful experience for me....reading such good poetry which has inspired and taught me a lot.... After reading all ur poems, I can only say one thing that I would gracefully surrendermyself to u... It was a lovely journey through ur poems which has helped me to discover my path... Thanks a lot for giving such a lovely poetry...

21. The River Of Life :

The poet compares life to a 'Flowing River', as River flows into the ocean, the person's soul at the end of the journey surrenders to the "Parmathma" . So every soul ultimately looses its identity and becomes a part of "Parmathma". The poet also adds that every moment of the River that is Life is precious whether it is in a state of motion or stationary. Hence each precious moment should be lived to its full.

22. Graceful Surrender :

The poet describing various situations of Life says that the ultimate mantra of Life is 'Surrender'. Ultimately one has to surrender to death with no choice. Hence during the various legs of the journey in Life, one should surrender to nature that is God with an empty mind.

23. Guaranteed Blessings :

The traditional and down to earth commoner that the poet is, recieves a jolt when he visits his homeland wherein he finds that Godness has become commercialized. As the World beckons the new century, the traditional and Godly people of his homeland are also beckoning the change in the traditional ways of worship. He concludes the poem by saying that the present Human Gods(Swami(ni)s ) have even guaranteed blessings for a price.

24. My Heart Throbs For You :

The post speaks of those rare devotees of God who acknowledge that they are in direct dialogue with God and God himself has given them that power by giving them the heart which Craves for Him. This is the scenario which exists in an imaginary world where all the people would have these communication skills where they would be in direct dialogue with God through there hearts. The poet in all his humbleness visualizes the senario and wishes that this state should come in this world.

25. In Search Of You, Krishna :

The poet describes his dilemma by asking Krishna himslef to help in finding out his tenth incarnation on earth. He piously describes all his other avatars known to Human beings through the writings of the great people of that time. He pleads to the Lord Krishna and requests him to show him a way to find out as to where, when and in what form will he be re-incarnated the 10th time to save humanity. It is only Him who can help the poet. The poet has described the magnanimity of the God. He expresses his doubts whether Siddharth was Your 10th Avatar or not, because in all Your previous avatars You have been along with Your wife, but in this avatar You disassociated with Your wife and worked for the welfare of humanity.

26. I May Need You Ever More :

The poet talks about his newly found Love for the Lord Krishna, he wishes to share every moment of Life the joyous moments and all the sorrows with the Lord. He even wishes to share his food and his secrets, play with Him, dance with Him, to be a very active part of Your life. This is a very common activity with the devotees of Lord Krishna who surrender themselves totally to Him. A very common sight in Mathura and Brindavan which is supposed to be the abode of Lord Krishna. The poet is very much into his new Love and wishes to continue ever-after.

27. Socializing with God :

The poet in this poem talks about all pervading God and his goodness, he establishes himself with God and calls it socialising with God. Through Him he looks at the world and finds happiness in mingling with the other people. He compares the devotee who visits the idol in a temple to a devotee who visits God and socializes with Him and he aptly remarks that his absence from the temple was because he was socializing with the God. In other words, having the Almighty in the heart is better way than finding Him in an idol in the temple.


Thanks & Regards,

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