Sunday, January 15, 2012

If I Could; I Teach You

If I Could; I Teach You

If I could; I love to teach you

Teach to learn not to answer
I teach you to accomplish
than you think you can.

I shall plant seeds in you
I planted in me years ago
I love to reveal to you

Beauty of dreaming BIG.

Not just teaching

expanded care I give
Creating hearts that care

Share and Teach that learned

Serving others and love

Your student – taught my GURU
he is my role model

Thus if I could: I teach you.

If I could teach you,
I shall show you life

Learn to Live

Learn to be Simple.

You have right on my time

Right on me to learn

Take my care and share
to show your true value.


1 comment:

  1. Donno y, but it touched my heart...
    Amazingly written.....
    Every line has an inner meaning deep rooted i meaningn it...
    U have really showed us how life is? At every step... In ur teaching...
    For example : when we visited Anantharam, pochampally villages,u taught us wat life is!
    U taught us how to respect a Guru.. By showing us how u respect ur Guru...
    U taught us how to dream BIG... By making us to aim for IAS...
    U taught us how to care for others... By showing so much of care and affection on everyone...
    U taught us how to learn, how to enjoy writing exams, wat not... U taught us soo much and the most important of all to be Happy always...
    I can't even imagine how my Life could have been, if I wouldn't get a chance of meeting u....