Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DOSHNA & Sister -- loved it !!

  -------------------------23rd February 2013-----------------

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  • Neha Ummareddy
    hello bapu .... I thought of sending you a request many times , but i thought u wouldnt know me . and your poems .. have no words they speak so much, depths of soul, destinies , depths of thought, everything enclosed in words . I missed the wonderful opportunity of meeting you , when you came to my college .. akka has so much to speak about you evry time . just waiting to meet you bapu .

Neha, one of my favorite poems written by Bapu! after last day's blast wen the question of life & existance came before my mind, this poem came to my mind! :)

If the whole human race disappears
From the worldly earth
Without the slightest trace

In a moment machines will run and burn
The trucks will hit and stop
Flying crafts will dash down

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 -------------------------24th OCTOBER 2012-----------------

Thank you sir.
I was reading couple of the poems with my sister. Loved them, they are sooo good, very well expressing the inner feelings of the heart.

 One big (smile) for the title  'from the deeper reserves', we liked it a lot.
Few lines are wonderfully put, like

All of them busy prescribing
How the other should live
But none seemed interested
In writing a simple script
For ones own splendid life.

I would be reading and re-reading these poems... Ah poems are wonderful expressions of heart.
I have to discuss with you about so many things now when i meet you! Hope i wont forget them, as i usually do! Will try to note somewhr.

this one is for poems and ur poems in specific as i am writing this floating in emotions the came forth reading urs.

Whenever i was bored, i know not
what to do, and i know not
for what i am there, and the confusion
goes one about myself and life
you might not have extended
ur caressing hand, but i can feel
i can feel that u did send these,
these poems as an expression
of your ownself, for me to feel ur love,
to take refuge for now in this expression,
waiting for the bigger moment,
the moment to meet you father,

 Doshna Umma Reddy

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